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1 Litre Cal-Mag



Cal-Mag by the plant growth company is supplement for plants of the highest quality. Developed to provide enhanced nutrition for crops grown hydroponically, in inert media or coco coir, soil, all. Our cal-mag contains an elevated profile of high quality macro and micronutrients to prevent and correct deficiencies in all stages of plant life. Our cal-mag is a versatile and extremely economical alternative and will save you £££££££££.


Cal-Mag by the plant growth company formulation that helps prevent blockages in irrigation lines, drippers and sprinklers and is compatible with all hydroponic and liquid feed systems.


>     Supports photosynthesis, cell wall structure and general plant health

> Compatible with all hydroponic and liquid feed systems

>     Simple to use, ideal for both experienced and novice growers

> Blended with professional grade ingredients for the best nutrition

> Includes stable chelated iron for more efficient uptake by plants

> Free of any excess salts that can damage plant roots and foliage

>     Formula nutrient analysis provided for transparency and reference

> Strong resealable bags for easy handling and long product shelf life


How To Use

2ml to 4ml per litre of feed from seedlings to till flush.

High Quality Cal-Mag Plus Micro-nutrients Liquid 1 Litre.

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