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PK 13/14




PK 13/14 by the plant growth company is recommended in order to increase the quality of the fruit while promoting maximum yield. 


PK 13/14 by the plant growth company is a high end product : it is in liquid form and does not contain any element pollutant : 0% CHLORINE, 0% SODIUM, 0% HEAVY METAL, and 0% DYE.


PK 13/14 by the plant growth company is a fertiliser designed for horticulture, hydroponics and foliar applications. Easy-to-use.


Product advantages :

Cali Nugs

More tight greasy nugs

Crazy yields


Another advantage of the product :

Potassium has an important role in the formation and transportation of sugars, starches and acids. It increases the fruit quality and the shelf life of the product. Phosphorus promotes root growth and promotes early maturity.


PK 13/14 is a fertilizer for that is extremely pure and clean. Its purity allows nutrients to be absorbed easily. It is to be used in association with other fertilizers, in combination with any other products.



How To Use

1ml-2ml per litre of feed from when you see flowers forming,

moving to 2ml to 4ml per 10 litres of feed when in full bloom till flush.

High Quality PK 13/14 Liquid

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