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Another high end product from The Plant Growth Company at half the price of other company’s.


EQUIVILENT TO BUDDHA'S TREE PK 9 - 18 but at less than half the price!!!




If you want the biggest fruits and flowers, The Plant Growth Company’s PK 9-18 & Triacontanol Bud Booster is the best product for you. Our PK 9-18 & Triacontanol bud booster is a mixture of top quality nutritional minerals that stimulate flowering. It's easy to use and makes for high yields. This product is suitable for any growing medium.

Our PK 9-18 + TRIACONTANOL BUD BOOSTER is an aggressive bud booster at the lowest price on the market. Our Bud Booster helps promote flower formation and bulking out during the flowering stage. Metabolic rate will increase as your plants start bulking out and increase and improve the quality of your flowers/fruit and helps with the plant’s sugar production.

HOW TO USE: Hand or System Feeding- Starting at 2ml per litre for the first 2 weeks once you see flowers forming (eg 1cm flowers), moving to 4ml per litre on every feeding or top-up of system till flush. 

PK 9-18 plus triacontanol

SKU: TRI/9/18
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