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Shooting Powder Hydroponic Nutrients Flower Booster 5 x 65g sachets (Total 325g)

THE PLANT GROWTH COMPANY Shooting Powder has gained a reputation as a very reliable and flowering stimulator that actually works. It shares the same active ingredients as Top Shooter, but is applied in powdered form.

This Hydroponic nutrient is used in the final stages of the flowering cycle.


  • Shooting Powder has proved to increase many crops by up to 30%. When the plants have all the optimum conditions of heat, light and CO2.
  • This product forms another set of flowers over the existing flowers, forming dense buds like you have never witnessed before.
  • A very powerful flowering additive used throughout the last 3/4 weeks of flowering to force plants into starting a new flowering cycle after the normal one has finished. This leads to an additional increase in flower and fruit production with noticeable results.



The Shooting Powder forces a new stage of growth when the plant's fruit is almost ready to be cropped. Some other flowering stimulators will add density to fruit but taste and aroma will be compromised. By adding a new layer of growth to each fruit, House & Garden Shooting Powder ensures a better end result without compromising the quality of your fruits.


Produces visible results and is easy to use.


  • Use 1 packet to every 100 litres of feed when you have 4 weeks left in flowering.
  • Increasing to 1-2 Packets in the last 2nd & 3rd week from flush.


Shooting Powder Hydroponic Nutrients Flower Booster Booster 5 x 65g sachets

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