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Triacontanol is a naturally occurring fatty alcohol, a phytohormone or growth stimulant for plants which is found in plant cuticles and beeswax. When used correctly, Triacontanol can significantly increase the amount of chlorophyll in leaves, improving the rate of photosynthesis as a result. It can also de-stress plants.

The Plant Growth Company offers everything that professionals and hobbyists alike need when it comes to the growth stimulant Triacontanol. Our Triacontanol flake is 98% minimum purity. Shiny flakes that are incredibly high in quality, this is a high end product.


When to use

Triacontanol is an incredibly versatile phytohormone that can be used on almost any plant in the world to achieve a variety of beneficial effects.


  • To help significantly increase plant growth and crop yield thanks to the fatty alcohol’s ability to enhance photosynthesis. Leaves and blossoms in particular can see significant increases in size when Triacontanol is used, as too can root systems.



  • To help fight disease in plants, ward off potential disease and act as an anti-aging agent. As a nutrient uptake enhancer, it can also aid plants suffering from poor nutrient intake or other growth deficiencies.




0.01ppm - 1ppm for root feed or spray.

Our view is that root feed is best to avoid rot.

Use triacontanol with your normal feeding regime from cuttings or seed to end of plant life.

Triacontanol is not water-soluble, so please follow instructions to dissolve

Use triacontanol with all feeds.




Add the follow to a microwave safe container/mug and heat for 5 seconds at a time till solution is clear - Add 0.05g Triacontanol Flake to 2ml-4ml Polysorbate 20 & 2ml-4ml Water.

Add approximately 40ml to 80ml water to the clear solution you have made in step 1 and heat again till mixed (you are looking for a shiny solution).

Add the cooled solution you have made to make 1 litre of root feed/spray.


Please use caution when heating liquids. Thank you.

Triacontanol Flake.

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